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Features of Yamaden sensing equipment

We will solve our customers' problems using cutting edge technology and our long-cultivated know-how.

It is our mission to provide sensors and control equipment that are satisfied by our customers as a "suggestion-oriented" company.
We grasp and analyze various elements including manufacturing fields our products will be used and requirements by customers, and select, suggest, manufacture, and develop the best suited product.


A wide range of applications and sound results

Since our foundation in 1959, we have been manufacturing, and selling level sensors and control equipment. Our products are used on the production lines of product-manufacturing enterprises inside and outside Japan.
We have done it all from manufacturing ordinary sensing equipment to meeting applications on production lines that have been too difficult for conventional sensors to measure.

Application examples
They are liquids (city water, sewage water, drain water, underground tanks), viscous liquids (chemical, foods, raw materials), powders (equipment, chemical, cosmetics), grains (asphalt, cement, iron mills), interfaces, sediments(environment, chemical, paints).

Industries and applications where we have delivered the goods

Every field in most industries, including handling chemicals, petroleum, asphalt, cement, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, raw materials, fiber spinning, construction, steel, other metals, shipbuilding, automobiles, electronic equipment, liquid crystals, and semiconductors.

Delivery results
Asahi Kasen Corporation, Ube Industries, Ltd., Sumitomo Chemical Company., Ltd., Sumitomo 3M Limited., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Meiji Co., Ltd., Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., TDK Corporation, Toray Industries, Inc., Kubota Corporation., Nippon Steel Corporation, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., IHI Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., and 3000 companies inside and outside Japan.

Dealing with unique specifications

Industrial sensors and control equipment must often be used in harsh production environments. High and low temperature, pressure, materials difficult to measure, position to install, dusts, etc.
We offer a product lineup that meets various conditions including high and low temperatures, pressures.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sensors for high and low temperatures, vacuums, and high pressures

Sensing in has environments such as high, low temperatures, high pressure, vacuum. We can design sensors that can endure super high temperature of 500 degrees and high pressure, vacuum, and low temperature.


Manufacturing processes in the food and pharmaceutical products require hygiene stability. We provide our products special to sanitary fields that match this requirement and standards.

Small tanks, small units

Sensors to integrate in small tanks and small units are required to be compact. We provide compact sensors with space saving design and high performances.
* We can also deal with the following applications, other than the above.


Custom made items

Not only standards sensors, we also manufacture custom sensors for matching with customer's specification and requirement. We can change the length, materials, or shape of sensors (electrodes). We can also provide special amplifiers to suit the materials the customer wants to measure.

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