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We are developing and manufacturing level meters, level switches, and various sensors that can be used in all kinds of situations and conditions. Please refer our wide product line-up and their conditions of use, as well as the details of each model.

Level switch

A group of level switches that detect the presence and/or level of liquids and powders.They are used to detect such variables as Full, Not present, or Upper and Lower limit.

By type Item name Model name Liquids Powders Slurry
Capacitance type Capacitance level sensor
◆ High function, high performance, and compact
◆ Can detect the levels of liquids, powders, granules, foams, and material interfaces
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
Capacitance level sensor
◆ Can measure from super high to low sensitivities
◆ Can measure any material
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
Compact pencil shaped liquid sensor
◆ For small (several-liter capacity) tanks
◆ Multiple sensors can be used, proximate to each other
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
Compact liquid level sensor
◆ Compact and easy to handle level sensor
◆ Optimal for mounting on machines and equipment
LC-S - -
Flat, compact liquid sensor
◆ Optimal for small tanks and in plumbing
◆ Optimal for detecting liquid full/empty status
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
Level sensor for sanitation
◆ Very safe and reliable
◆ Conforms to SIP; can be used for foods and pharmaceuticals
YAL-S2 -
Float type Float type level sensor
◆ Lets you reduce your costs, thanks to its low price
◆ Detects levels at multiple points (1 to 7 points)
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Compact float type level sensor
◆ Can detect multiple points
◆ Types are available for both vertical and horizontal installation
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Corrosion-proof, float type level sensor
◆ Can detect various liquids, such as liquid chemicals
◆ Detects levels at multiple points (1 to 7 points)
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Super compact float type level switch
◆ Super compact float switch
◆ Optimal for mounting on machines and equipment
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Pressure-resistant and explosion-proof float level sensor.
◆ Level switch withstands pressure and explosion-proof
◆ One unit can detect multiple points
Pressure-resistant and explosion-proof
- -
Displacement type level switch
◆ Float position can be freely set
◆ No need to prepare a wooden crate for transportation even for a length of 2 m or longer
FLD - -
Float type liquid level switch with cable
◆ Can be used up to 15 m
◆ Detects levels at multiple points (1 to 6 points)
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Horizontal installation float switch
◆ Horizontal installation flow switch
◆ Turned on/off by changing the installation direction
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Vibration type Vibration type level sensor
◆ High sensitivity
◆ Available with various specifications, such as an extension model
CV -
Compact vibration type level sensor
◆ Compact design, thanks to the latest circuitry
◆ Optimal for small hoppers and tanks
CV-600 -
High temperature vibration level sensor
◆ Can detect a levee up to 250 degrees as standard
◆ High sensitivity under heavy loads
SHT120 - -
Sediment detection sensor
◆ Reliably detects sediment in liquid
◆ Sensitivity can be set to match the conditions of use
CV-SED - -
Paddle type Paddle level switch
◆ Can measure almost all powders and granulated materials
◆ 40 years of successful products
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
- -
Paddle level sensor
◆ The best of the paddle models
◆ High functionality in a compact body
ML-D1 - -
Paddle level switch for lumps
◆ Ideal for detecting lump levels
◆ Can detect rocks, stones, and pebbles
ML-5K - -
Compact paddle level sensor
◆ Optimal for detecting levels in small containers
◆ Easy to install at a low price
ML-P1 - -
Electrode type Electrode-type water level meter (water level sensor)
◆ Can sense conductive liquids
◆ Optimum to detect multiple points (1 to 6 points)
RE-G4 - -
Others Compact level switches for liquid
◆ For liquid level detection in a small vessel or tank.
◆ Amplifier integrated compact body
Optical liquid level sensor
◆ Optimal for a small vessel or tank
◆ The sensor is completely protected by being encased in fluorine resin.
YD-02F - -

Level switch

Level meter to continuously measure the level of liquids, powders, and granulated materials.You can monitor the level of a material continuously by checking the 4 to 20mA current output.

By type Item name Model name Liquids Powders Slurry
Capacitance type Capacitance level meter
◆ Can measure even under harsh conditions
◆ Simple and low priced
MXL - -
High precision capacitance level meter
◆ Can detect liquids, powders, granules, and material interfaces
◆ Contributes to energy and manpower savings
Compact capacitance liquid sensor
◆ Can measure even under harsh conditions
◆ Can also be used with small tanks
MHL-33 -
Level sensor for sanitation
◆ Very safe and reliable
◆ Conforms to SIP; can be used for foods and pharmaceuticals
MHL-S1 -
Capacitance continuous indication meter
◆ Stable output even when making highly sensitive detections
◆ Stable detection over a wide measurement range
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
Level meter for glass gauges
◆ Non-contact measurement from outside of a container
◆ Optimal for glass gauges and compact containers
GR-120 - -
Float type Float type continuous liquid meter
◆ Can measure a wide range of materials, and monitor physical changes
◆ Simple measurement settings
FXL - -
Float type (resin) continuous liquid level meter
◆ Can measure corrosive liquids
◆ Simple measurement settings
FPL - -
Compact float type, continuous liquid level meter
◆ Continuous level meter in a compact vessel or tank
◆ A variety of functions are available
FXL-33 - -
Super compact float level meter
◆ Can measure liquid levels in compact tanks at low cost
◆ Chemical-proof and corrosion-proof models are also available
FPC - -
Float type liquid level meter withstands pressure and is explosion-proof
◆ Pressure-withstanding, explosion-proof liquid level meter
◆ Simple measurement settings
Pressure-resistant and explosion-proof
- -
Ultrasonic wave type Ultrasonic wave type, continuous indicator
◆ Continuous indicator at a super low price
◆ Built into a compact resin body
Ultrasonic wave level meter
◆ Can measure at short distances (0.06m or up)
◆ Optimal for super-small tanks
YU-11/15 -
Ultrasonic level indicator
◆ Can measure medium distance (0.3 to 12m)
◆ Level meter to measure 2CH
Ultrasonic wave level meter
◆ Can measure long distance (0.6 to 20m)
◆ Compact and light-weight thanks to is conical sensor
Ultrasonic wave material interface meter
◆ Can measure the material interface in a sediment tank
◆ Optimal for measuring sediment and slurry
YU-L20 - -
Radar type Microwave level meter
◆ Can measure in the presence of high temperatures, high pressures and vapor
◆ Can be used in public locations because it uses weak signal strengths
Non-explosion-proof, explosion-proof
Pressure type Pressure type continuous indicator
◆ Yields high precision at high sensitivity level
◆ Extremely durable and highly corrosion-proof
PL -
Sounding type Sounding type level mete
◆ Precisely measures levels of powder and granules
◆ Can measure 2 to 20 m
MDVC - -
Others Distortion type continuous indicator
◆ Completely non-contact type
◆ Measures almost all materials

Other sensing equipment

This page introduces our conductivity meters that measure the amount of moisture contained in detergent or oil and the conductivity of liquids. It also introduces our flow meters, thermometers, and fine-differential pressure gauges.

By type Item name Model name Applications
Moisture meter Moisture meter in cleaning agent
◆ Precise measurement of water content in cleaning agent
◆ Reinforced durability in harsh environments
113N Water-based cleaning agent
Moisture meter (in oil)
◆ Continuous measurement of moisture, with high precision
◆ Can measure continuously
OM-11 Oil
Conductivity meter Standard conductivity meter
◆ Conductivity meter with multiple functions
◆ Can be made to meet special specifications such as high pressure
MRL-13 Liquids
Separate type conductivity meter
◆ Conductivity meter with compact an electrode
◆ Can be made to meet special specifications such as high pressure
MRL-33 Liquids
Flow meter for liquids
Compact flow meter
◆ Compact and lightweight, can be installed any location
◆ Can measure from low to high viscosity liquids
Vision 2000 Liquids, gases
Compact flow rate switch
◆ Compact flow rate switch using magnetism
◆ Does not cause much pressure loss
YJ series Liquids
Flow meter for powders
Flow meter for powders
◆ Simple structure
◆ Small temperature error
FM701 Powders, Granules
Physical change monitoring meter
Physical change monitoring meter
◆ Measures changes in liquids
◆ Sensor shape can be altered
MA-120 Change of liquids
Capacitance measuring equipment
◆ Measures moisture and displacement
◆ Can also be used for quality control and substance detection
CM-113 Various items
Thermometers Temperature sensors for plants
◆ Use in harsh plant locations
◆ Provides high sensitivity and long service life
SL/WL/5DL Various items
Temperature sensors for mixers
◆ Can be used in a mixer
◆ Solid structure that stands up to wear
5D-10/5D-40 Various items
Portable thermometer for use in a plant
◆ Handy temperature measurement
◆ Sensor can be replaced
DKS-250 Various items
Fine pressure-difference meters Manostar gauge WO81
◆ General use for micro differental pressure measurement
◆ Can be used for a wide range of installation conditions
WO81 Gases
Manostar gauge WO70
◆ Compact type of manostar gauges
◆ Two types are available for installation in a panel
WO70 Gases
Manostar gauge FR51A
◆ Compact type gauge for mounting in a panel
◆ Thin, compact body with horizontal and vertical scales
FR51A Gases
Fine-pressure-difference switch
Manostar switch MS65
◆ General use type of micro differential pressure switch
◆ For setting alarms for upper and lower limit pressures
MS65 Gases
Manostar switch MS61A
◆ Compact type manostar switch
◆ For setting alarms for upper and lower limit pressures
MS61A Gases
Fine-pressure-difference measurement system
Manosys pressure transmitter EMT1
◆ General purpose type (output: 4 to 20mA)
◆ A variety of pressure ranges (total of 28 ranges)
EMT1 Gases
Manosys pressure transmitter EMT6
◆ Compact type of Manosys
◆ A variety of pressure ranges (total of 13 ranges)
EMT6 Gases
Manosys pressure transmitter EMTGP1
◆ Corrosion-proof Manosys
◆ Exclusively for measuring static pressure (negative pressure)
EMTGP1 Gases
Manosys pressure transmitter EMT1H
◆ Intrinsically safe explosion type of Manosys
◆ Configuration for combining with barriers
EMT1H Gases
Load cells
Load cell converter
◆ Can be installed in equipment as it is a board type
◆ Reinforced noise immunity
EX-025 converter

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