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Capacitance level meters

MAE series
MAE series
High precision level meter with intrinsically safe explosion-proof design
This level meter contributes to automation, energy and labor savings

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof level meter that meets the ExiaIICT5 explosion-proof standard. A multi-function amplifier allows you high precision while making various measurements.
*From conductive to insulated materials
*From liquid to powder and granulated materials
*Can also measure sticky liquids

  • For liquid
  • For powder

Can not only measure the quantity remaining in the vessel, but also the interface, and bubbles. And, it can measure a liquid surface with waves on it.


Features, keys

  1. High precision
    Thanks to the latest circuit design, this unit offers high precision and high resolution, and it can measure minute changes in the level.
    A circuit is employed to correct liquid adhesion to the electrode.
  2. Applied for the intrinsically safe explosion-proof certificate in accordance with the IEC International Standard.
    We applied for and obtained the latest ExiaIICT5 standard, intrinsically safe explosion-proof certificate.
  3. Can operate in harsh environments
    This meter can make stable measurements in harsh environments at high temperatures and pressures.
  4. Simple to adjust
    It is easy to make the initial settings and span adjustment, using pushbuttons.
  5. Various functions are included to meet different field conditions
    You can adjust the response speed using the delay setting function.
    Since these units can handle a wide range of power supply specifications (24 to 250 VAC, DC), they can be used in any location in the world.
  6. Can be used in a simple configuration since the unit consists of only two components, the sensor and the relay isolator.
    Configuration Configuration


1. This video demonstrates the actual measurement of a material interface.

2. The video demonstrates the actual measurement of bubbles.


Adjustment function

This unit eliminates the inconvenience of making initial settings that is necessary with ordinary models.
You can simply set the initial settings using one-touch pushbuttons.

Adjustment function


Usages, use examples

  • Measures the remained quantity of liquid, powder or granulated material in various tanks. Measures the location of a material interface and bubbles in liquids.
  • Can be used with conductive or insulating liquids, insulating liquids with a small dielectric constant, and semi-conductive liquids.
    Ex.: Various oils, chemical solutions (acids, alkalies), washing liquids, tap water, pure water, distilled water, alcohol, etc.
  • Small tanks, mid-sized tanks, fuel tanks, oil tanks, underground pits, etc.
  • Chemical, petroleum, energy, food, pharmaceutical, boilers, high temperature and high-pressure tanks, various chemical-agent tanks.

Standard specifications

The device consists of a sensor (electrode and amplifier) and isolator.
Install the sensor section (electrode and amplifier) in the hazardous location. Install the isolator in a non-hazardous location.

Relay isolator

Power source 24 to 250 VAC/DC
Power consumption 24VDC: 2.5W, 100VAC: 4VA. AC250VAC: 5VA
Ambient operating temperature -25 to +60 degrees
Current output 4 to 20mA DC
Response speed (delay) Variable between 0.03 to 30 sec.
Protection class Equivalent to IP20
Paint color Semi gloss, Munsell N3.0
Options RS-485 Communications / Hand-held monitor


Measurement range 0 to 1000 pF, and others (depending on the type of amplifier).
Ambient operating temperature -25 to +40 degrees
Protection class IP68
Paint color Dark blue equivalent to Munsell 5PB3/8


Connections Screw-in; R3/4 (can be altered to another material on request)
Flange: JIS5K25AFF (can be altered to another material on request)
Material Surface: PFA (can be altered to another material on request)
Interior SUS316L (can be altered to another material on request)
Allowable temperature -10 to +150 degrees (a high temperature type is also available)
Allowable pressure 2MPa (depends on the electrode specification).

* Please contact our sales department for other special specifications you may need.

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