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Pressure type level meter

MPL series
MPL series
Pressure type level meters
allow a wide range of measurements with high precision

Outputs the liquid level continuously by measuring the liquid pressure near the bottom of the tank. Simple zero and span adjustment by pressing one touch pushbuttons.

  • For liquid

Compact design with the amplifier integrated into the case makes for easy installation.
It has both delay setting and abnormality notification function.


Features, keys

  1. The pressure receiver is a double diaphragm type
    The liquid contact parts are made of highly corrosion-resistant SUS316L. Therefore, the meter is very durable and corrosion resistant.
  2. Wide measuring range and high precision
    This meter achieves higher precision than ordinary models; 30kPa (at a water depth of 3m), and a linearity of +-0.5%.
  3. Simple to adjust
    It is easy to make the initial adjustments and span adjustment, using pushbuttons.
    You can adjust the response speed using the delay setting function.
  4. A wide range of power supply can be used
    Since these units can handle a wide range of power supply specifications (20 to 250 VAC/DC), they can be used in any location in the world.


* The video demonstrates actual measurement using this sensor.


Usages, use examples

  • Liquids whose specific gravity does not change
  • When the meter cannot be install on the top of a tank.

Standard specifications

Power source 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Power consumption 2.0VA
Current output 4 to 20mA DC (maximum load: 500 ohms)
Measurement range 3m/10m/200m (calculated as water levels *1)
Measurement precision Linearity +-0.5% F.S. (calculated as a water level *1 +-15mm)
Hysteresis +-0.25% F.S. (calculated as a water level *1 +-7.5mm)
Temperature characteristics *2 Span +-1.88% F.S. (+-57mm)
Offset +-1.75% F.S. (+-52.5mm)
Response speed Approx. 0.03 to 30sec.
Ambient operating temperature -25 to +60 degrees
Operating temperature: 3m: -20 to +70 degrees
10m/200m: -40 to +125 degrees
Material Connecting section SUS316L
Parts in contact with the liquid SUS316L
Connections R 3/4 (a screw-in type and flange type are also available).
Protection level IP68
Paint color Dark blue equivalent to Munsell 5PB3/8
Proprietary cable Cable with air tube
5 conductors
(external diameter: f10.3, air tube outside diameter: f4.0)
Choose from 3m/5m/10m lengths
Weight Approximately 1000g (screw-in type)
Options RS-485 communications,
compatible 2-wire (connected to a 2-wire signal converter)
Heat resistant type

*1: ‘Calculated as a water level’ means measuring a liquid with a specific gravity of 1.
*2: Accuracy at 25C and above.

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