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Ultrasonic level meter

ULM series
ULM series
Light weight and compact, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof
ultrasonic level meter

Since this meter is light weight and compact, it can be installed and wired easily.
This model is approved as an Intrinsically safe explosion-proof device (ATEX). This unit is used by combining a level meter housing and a proprietary relay isolator.

  • For liquid
  • For powder

The display section can be separated and mounted on another unit. Is approved for CE marking.


Features, keys

  1. Approved as intrinsically safe explosion-proof
    This model is approved as an explosion-proof device under EC rules (ATEX specifications). (II1/2GExiaIIBT5Ga/Gb)
    This series is also approved for CE marking.
  2. Highly functional
    Sensitivity can be set, and the teaching mode and display unit can be selected by the user. This level meter identifies faulty reflections caused by obstacles.
  3. Easy preset
    Making settings on this model is very easy, even if there is nothing in the tank to measure.
  4. With an OLED display
    You can check the measured values without opening the lid.

Usages, use examples

  • Detect and measure liquid levels continuously without contact.
  • Measure corrosive and adhesive materials.
    Ex.: Monitor city water level, sewage, drain liquid, chemical agents (acids, alkalies), slurries, storage tanks, silos, etc.

Standard specifications

Level meters

Models ULM-70Xi-02 ULM-70Xi-06
Measuring distance *1 0.15 to 2m 0.25 to 6m
Power source 18 to 30VDC
Output Current output 4 to 20mA/DC (load resistance 270 ohms)
Ultrasonic wave frequency 120kHz 75kHz
Beam angle *2 10 14
Measurement precision +-0.5%F.S.
Internal resolution 1mm 2mm
Measuring cycle 1 to 4 sec.
Allowable temperature -30 to +60 degrees
Allowable pressure Ambient pressure
Material Aluminum alloy
Material of wave send and receive surface PVDF
Protection level IP67
Connections Dimensions G1 G1 1/2
Material PP
Wiring cable 2 conductors (0.75mm2) *3
Weight 300g 400g
Explosion proof standard II1/2GExiaIIBT5

* The nominal measuring distance is determined by the static water level used as a reflector. It may be shorter in some measuring conditions
(steam, condensation, waves, powders and granulated material, etc.).
*2: The actual measuring range is determined by each measuring condition. For details, contact to our staff.
*3: You must ground the meter using a 5.5 mm2 cable.

Relay isolator

Models IRU-420-I- (power source specification) IRU-420-U- (power source specification)
Input signal 4 to 20mA
Output signal 4 to 20mA 0 to 10V
Power supply specifications 230V 60 to 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 85 to 230VDC (+10%)
24V 18 to 30VAC, 50/60Hz, 18 to 40VDC (+10%)
Power consumption 230V 7VA
24V 4W (rush current 0.8A)
Signal input voltage (terminal 5 and 6). Typ.: 24.1VDC (0mA), min. 18VDC (20mA)
Output current (terminal 9 and 10) 4 to 20mA DC (load resistance: 750 ohm / 25mA)
Linearity less than or equal to 0.05% (4 to 20mA)
Temperature drift less than or equal to 0.05% / 10 dgrees
EC type test result sheet FTZU 05 ATEX 01657X
Explosion proof standard II(1) G[EExia]IIB/IIC, I(M2) [EExia]I
Input (terminal 6 and 7) Ui=28V DC, Ii=93mA, Pi=0.8W,@Ci0FALi0mH
Input (terminal 6 and 7) IIBFUo=27.3VAIo=93mAAPo=0.64WACo=0.68FALi=8mH
Limiting voltage Um=253V
Withstand voltage Between power supply terminals 3.5kV
Between input and output terminals 3.5kV
Ambient operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees
Material Housing Polycarbonate
Terminals CuBe
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Protection class Applied IP20 / CE applied
Weight Approx. 200g


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