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CL series
CL series
Electric and distortion type level meter that can make completely non-contact measurements.

The meter is constructed so that a precise electric distortion sensor is part of the metal support. This sensor is inserted into a support of the bottom of the tank so that the electric distortion sensor can measure the volume of material in the tank.

  • For liquid
  • For powder

These meters can measure various substances from liquid to powder, and granulated materials. The special cylindrical sensor and unique installation method make it highly reliable.


Features, keys

  1. The sensor is a completely non-contact type so it is not affected by the status of the tank.
  2. The meter can measure almost any material.
  3. The special cylindrical sensor and unique installation method make it highly reliable.
  4. High reliable and stable against temperature change.
  5. The sensor can be installed easily in a conventional tank.

Usages, use examples

  • When a level meter cannot be installed in a tank.
  • Want to measure levels with completely non-contact

Standard specifications

Main housing

Materials Stainless and plastic IP64 sealed type, outdoor use (light blue)
Temperature range 10 to 50 degrees (prevent exposure of direct sunlight)
The sensor endure evenly -40 degrees.


Temperature range -40 to 65 degrees
Humidity Case Does not form condensation even in as high as 95% humidity
Sensor Made of stainless steel, Closed type, with PVC cable (12 inches)
Electric system Circuit Solid state using a micro-processor
Protection when a power failure occurs A nonvolatile EEPROM stores set point information and keep scale adjustment data for 10 years.
Required power 10W or less, 120V AC, +10 to 15%, 48 to 62Hz, a power switch is equipped in a case (VDE approved).
Input Sensor Distortion meter: 1.0mV/V, zero adjustment range; ±20mV
Remote sensitivity Charged voltage line loss is corrected for.
Output Charged voltage Can connect up to 8 distortion meters of 10V DC, 700Ω
Relay output
Contact point capacity
5A/250V AC (All the contacts are collected at a compressed terminal that is VDE approved)
Type Overflow alarm, upper set point, lower set point
Indications Level indication Displays the levels in steps of 2% using an LED bar graph with 50 segments.
Set point display Shows the set points using two LEDs at the upper and lower positions on the bar graph.
When the LED lights, the related relay functions.
Alarm display The indicator on the upper set point lights to show an overflow alarm.
Output for remote display Compares the level displays at 20 or 420mA (selectable)

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