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Float type level meters

FXD series
FXD series
Pressure resistant and explosion-proof float type level sensor
This meter inherits the high functionality of the FXL series

Can measure liquid levels stably in an explosive atmosphere. This level meter is pressure-resistance and explosion-proof type, and has inherited the high functionality of the FXL series.
Respond to changes in the electrical characteristic of the material to be measured.

  • For liquid

Products that conform to the pressure-resistant explosion-proof standard (Exd II BT4).


Features, keys

  1. Can measure a wide range of materials
    Not affected by electrical characteristic changes of the materials to be measured. It is not affected by temperature, pressure, or gas in the tank.
  2. Safe design that endures harsh tank conditions
    Can be used in various conditions including water-proof housings (protection class IP65), detection section can withstand a pressure of 1 MPa and heat resistant to 100 degrees.
  3. Simple measurement settings
    Simple initial settings (press buttons) for measurement. A small non-sensing area makes measurements possible over a wide range.
  4. Many functions for safety measurement as standard
    A delay setting function and watch dog function come as standard.

Usages, use examples

  • Can measure liquid level in an explosive atmosphere.
  • Works across a wide range of liquids, (and can even measure after the liquid type is changed, or the electrical properties of the liquid change)
  • Harsh environments, extreme temperatures or pressures, and positions not easy to maintain or check.

Standard specifications


Power source required 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Power consumption 1.5 VA or less
Ambient operating temperature -10 to +60 degrees
Current output 4 to 20mA DC (maximum load resistance: 500Ω or less)
4.0mA output at 0% of registered value
20.0mA output at 100% of registered value
Response speed Approx. 0.5sec to 180sec adjustable
Data output (optional) Conform to RS485


Connection Dimensional standard *1 JIS5K50A FF
(Can be altered on request)
Materials SUS304
Float Outside diameter Φ50xH48
Materials SUS316L
Specific gravity of measurable liquids 0.55 or more
Stem Outside diameter Φ13mm
Materials SUS304
Length Maximum 3,000mm *2
Others Detection interval Maximum 8mm
Non-sensing zone When specific gravity is 0.55, 57mm at stem tip and 1mm at the case
When specific gravity is 1.00, 36mm at stem tip and 22mm at the case
Operating temperature: -10 to +100 degrees
Operating pressure 1MPa *3
Protection level IP65
Painted color Dark blue equivalent to Munsell 5PB3/8

*1: Can be altered if required.The model name may be changed depending changes in the details.
*2: It may become shorter with each measuring condition.Contact our staff for the actual maximum dimension.
*3: If the withstand pressure of the liquid contact areas is lower than this value, the withstand pressure of the liquid contacting area shall be applied.

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