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Float type level meters

FPC series
FPC series
Level meter for a small tank that is chemical proof and corrosion resistant.
Float type level meter that is compact and low-cost

It can measure liquid level in hash environments of corrosive gases or extreme temperatures, and positions not easy to maintain or check. <Can measure liquid levels continuously at low cost..>
Respond to changes in the electrical characteristic of the material to be measured.

  • For liquid

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance at temperature up to 100 degrees. Simple, low priced float type level meter.


Features, keys

  1. Super-small float is employed in the continuous measurement type
    Low specific gravity super-small PP float and G1B screws are used. Ideal for a small tank.
  2. Safe design that endures harsh tank conditions
    Can be used in various conditions including water-proof housings (protection class IP65), and heat resistant to 100 degrees.
  3. Directly outputs the liquid level
    Integrated compact amplifier allows low price and easy wiring. This meter directly outputs the liquid level.
  4. Obtained the CE marking (for the voltage output type)
    It is a highly reliable product with CE approval. An RoHS model is optionally available.

Usages, use examples

  • Continuously measures liquids in a small tank or small container. Ideal for replacing a conventional liquid level switch.
  • Works across a wide range of liquids, (and can even measure after the liquid type is changed, or the electrical properties of the liquid change)
  • Hash environments of extreme temperatures, and positions not easy to maintain or check.

Standard specifications


Power source required 24V DC±10% (*current output type: 11 to 27V DC)
Power consumption 0.24W or less
Ambient operating temperature 0 to +60 degrees
Output Voltage output type (3-line system) 0 to 10V±1%, min 2kΩ or up
Current output type (2-line system) 4 to 20mA DC Circuit voltage: 10V


Connection Dimensional standard *1 G1B (can be altered on request)
Materials PP
Float Outside diameter Φ29xH52
Materials PP
Specific gravity of measurable liquids 0.75 or more
Stem Outside diameter Φ15mm
Materials PFA (inside: SUS316L)
Length Maximum 470mm *2
Others Detection interval Maximum 8mm
Non-sensing zone When specific gravity is 1.0, Stem end: 41}3mm, lead wire side: 16mm
Operating temperature: -10 to +100 degrees
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure
Protection level IP65
Painted color Clear color

*1: Can be altered if required.The model name may be changed depending changes in the details.
*2: It may become shorter with each measuring condition. Contact our staff for the actual maximum dimension.

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