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Sounding type level meter

MDVC-2S series
MDVC-2S series
Can measure 1 to 20m
Continuously measure powder and grain levels in a large tank

Measures the level by moving a measuring plumb bob up and down.
No need for adjustment as the integrated computer automatically controls any offset.

  • For powder

The meter lowers the measurement plumb bob hanged by a wire rope from the meter. It senses change of wire tension when the plumb bob touches the powder level, and measures the distance from the sensor to the powder level.


Features, keys

  1. Precisely measurement of level of powdered or granulated material in a tank
    No need for adjustment as the integrated computer controls automatically.
    Automatic measurement is also possible (a timer allows you to set intervals in 8 steps from 1 to 60 minutes).
  2. Can measure over a long distance
    Can measure 1 to 20 m.
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance
    The casing and major components are molded from FRP resin.

Usages, use examples

Measure powder and granulated materials in medium and large sized tanks


Standard specifications

Operating temperature range -10 to +50 degrees
Measuring distance 1 to 20m
Measurement precision 1% (when distance is 2 to 20m)
2% (when distance is 1 to 1.4m)
Power source required 90 to 120V, 50/60Hz (30VA)
Output signal Display filled length: 4 to 20 mA DC
Display empty length: 20 to 4mA DC
Load resistance 350Ω or less
Weight 12kg (including measuring plumb bob)

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