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Capacitance level meters

MHL-33 type
MHL-33 type
Compact capacitance liquid level meter that provides high precision and compact body. Ideal for liquid level detection in a small tank

Ideal for detecting liquid levels of small (a few liter capacity) tanks.
Washable and corrosion-proof and endures harsh conditions.

  • For liquid

The G1 type (small installation space and ideal for very small tanks) and H2 type (can be used at high temperatures and pressure) are available.


Features, keys

  1. Compact design
    It allows compact installations and does not occupy much space (amplifier is separate).
  2. Can operate in harsh environments
    Can be used in harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures and high pressures.
  3. Washable and corrosion-proof
    Fluorine resin is used for the electrode, for washability and corrosion proofing.
  4. Can be made to meet special specifications
    A special sensor can be manufactured to match your tank and specifications.

Usages, use examples

Level measurements in small tanks and small containers

  • Continuous liquid level measurement in a container of just a few liters

Standard specifications


Power source required 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Power consumption 24V DCF1.5W, 100V ACF2.5VA ,200V ACF3.5VA
Current output Current output 4 to 20mA/DC (load resistance 500Ω or less)
Measurement accuacy +-1%


Type G1 compact pencil type H2 coated tube type
Features Small installation space
for very small tanks
Separate screw-in type that can be used at high temperature and pressure
Electrode material Surface PFA
Internal electrode SUS304
Surface PFA
Internal electrode SUS316L
Connection R1/4 * R3/4 *
Allowable temperature -10 to +80 degrees -10 to +150 degrees
Allowable pressure 2.0MPa 2.0MPa
Maximum L1 dimension 1000mm
(depending on conditions)

*: Can be changed if required.

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