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Radar type level meter

MRG-10 series
MRG-10 series
2 line system microwave level meter, compact and lightweight.
Because very weak radio signals are used, it can be used without causing interference with other devices.

Measures levels without contact in harsh environments such as in high temperatures, high pressures, steam, gas, etc.Can be used in public areas, because weak radio signals are used. Intrinsically safe explosion structure is also available.

  • For liquid

Various antennas are available, including cone and rod types.


Features, keys

  1. Weak radio signal
    Can be used in public areas (rivers, sea, streets, etc.), because weak radio signals are used without any restrictions.
  2. 2-line system
    The meter employs a 2-line system, so you do not need to put up new power lines. Just connect to conventional DC lines.
  3. HART is provided as standard
    The meter outputs a HART signal as well as a 4 to 20 mA DC current signal. This makes it possible to connect the meter directly to a computer.
  4. Explosion proof design
    Intrinsically safe explosion structure is also available. (Exia II CT4)

Usages, use examples

  • Detect and measure liquid levels continuously without contact
  • Measure corrosive and adhesive materials
    Ex.: Monitor city water level, sewage, drain liquid, chemical agents (acids, alkalis), slurry, storage tanks, silos, etc.

Standard specifications

Antenna types Cone antenna Rod antenna
4B (100A) 6B (150A) 8B (200A) Long Short
Measuring range *1 0 to 10m 0 to 15m 0 to 20m 0 to 10m 0 to 10m
Antenna material SUS316L PTFE and SUS316
Weak radio signal equipment approval number
No. E455 No. E456 No. E457 - -
Frequency used 5.8GHz
Zone ±0.5GHz
Power source required 18 to 36V DC (2-line system)
Measurement precision ±10mm (0.5m or longer)
Level change ratio 0.4m/s or less
Output 4 to 20mA DC (Hart bus)
Capacity calculation function 3 standard types (vertical, horizontal, spherical tank)
Table: 20 points
Display LCD (5 digits and barograph)
Display items A) Data: Level, distance, capacity
B) Unit: m, mA, %
Housing ambient temperature -20 to 70 degrees
Tank interior temperature -20 to 150 degrees
Withstand voltage 1.0 MPa
Case material Die-cast aluminum
Explosion proof standard Intrinsically safe explosion proof
(Exia II CT4)
Protection level IP65

*1: The nominal measuring distance is determined by the static water level used as a reflecting mirror. It may become shorter with various measuring conditions.
The actual measuring range is determined by each measuring condition.For details, contact to our staff.

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