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Ultrasonic wave type level meters

YU-01A/05A/03A series
YU-01A/05A/03A (2-line system) series
Compact and corrosion proof ultrasonic wave level meter

Can continuously detect 2 levels (upper and lower limits), non-contact.
Compact and excellent corrosion resistance.

    • YU-01A/05A t̗p
    • ̗p
    • YU-03A t̗p

Screw-in types, flange types, and tubes with wave guides are available for connections.


Features, keys

  1. Built into a compact resin body, offers excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. Easy to insert and detach cables because waterproof connectors are used.
  3. Computer output (RS-485C) is equipped as standard.


YU-01A, YU-05A and YU-03A
Select according to the required measurable distance
0.15 to 4m ⇒ YU-01A
0.3 to 10m ⇒ YU-05A
0.25 to 6.5m ⇒ YU-03A (2-line system)

Select from the 3 below to match your connection method.

Model name YU
01A 05A 03A 01AF 05AF 03AF 01AP 05AP 03AP

Connection Standard screw-in type
Flange type
*3 JIS5K50A or equivalent
With wave guide tube
*3 JIS5K80A or equivalent
Materials Polypropylene *3 PVC *3 PVC
Weight Approx. 350g Approx. 800g Approx. 1300g (L=300mm)

* Can be altered if required.


Usages, use examples

  • Detect and measure liquid levels continuously without contact
  • Measure corrosive and adhesive materials
    Ex.: Monitor city water level, sewage, drain liquid, chemical agents (acids, alkalis), slurry, storage tanks, silos, etc.

Standard specifications

Model name YU-01A YU-05A YU-03A
*1 Measurement distance 0.15 to 4m 0.3 to 10m 0.25 to 6.5m
Power source required 12 to 24V DC 24V DC
Power consumption 3W 0.6W
Current output 4 to 20mA DC
(01A/05A: Load resistance 500Ω 03:500Ω)
01A/05A only: Alarm output NPN open collector, one point each for upper and lower limits (30V DC 0.1A)
01A/05A only: RS485
Ultrasonic wave frequency 100kHz 50kHz
*2 beam angle 14°(-6dB) / 10(-3dB)
Measurement precision ±0.25% F.S. or YU-01: ±1cm, YU-05: ±2.5cm, YU-03: ±1.88cm
Internal resolution 1mm
Operating temperature -20 to +70 degrees
Storage temperature -30 to +80 degrees
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure
Main housing
Materials Polypropylene
Material of wave send and receive surface Polypropylene
Protection level IP65
Wiring cable 01A/05A: 8-conductive (0.3m2) with 10m shielded wire, connects/disconnects with waterproof connectors
03A: 2-conductive (0.75m2) with 10m shielded wire connects/disconnects with waterproof connectors

*1:The nominal measuring distance is determined by the static water level used as a reflecting mirror. It may become shorter with various measuring conditions. (Steam, condensation, waves, etc.)
When a wave-guide is installed, the measuring distance may be made shorter by changing the wave-guide length.
*2: The actual measuring range is determined by each measuring condition.For details, contact to our staff.

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