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Ultrasonic wave type level meters

YU-45 series
YU-45 series
Multi-functional ultrasonic level meter that can measure 2 channels

Non contact level meter with 2CH measurement.
Non contact level meter for medium to long distance of 0.3 to 20 m.
Easy to adjust the settings in the field. Immune to external noise and interference.

  • For liquid
  • For powder

For connections, screw-in and flange type connections are available with an angle adjustment function for powder and granulated materials.


Features, keys

  1. The sensor and amplifier are separated from each other. A multiple amplifier is employed that can measure two channels
    It has good cost performance due to the multiple amplifiers.
    * When 1 channel is used, two lines can be output (8 alarms and 2 current outputs).
    * Using two channels, low cost level measurement is possible.
  2. Easy to adjust settings at fields
    A large LED is used for display. The display not only shows levels, but echo wave form and trend graphs. Therefore, it allows easy adjustment locally.
  3. Various functions for measurements
    By apply correlational processing to the received ultrasonic wave signals, external noise and external ultrasonic wave effects are decreased.
    Eco graph screen and trend screen are standard. Various process setting functions on these screens allow high stability in poor measuring conditions.

Connection examples and sensors

Connection examples

Connection examples Figure


Model name M88-N M99-N M88-F M99-F M21-N M21-F
Photograph M88-N M99-N M88-F/M99-F M21-N
Sensor material PP
PVDF Epoxy
Connection type
R1 G1 * JIS5K100A FF
* JIS5K100A FF
Case Materials - Aluminum (AC4A-F) Paint: Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5 - Aluminum (AC4A-F) Paint: Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5
Protection level IP68 IP66 IP65 IP53 IP65
Weight Approx. 500g Approx. 860g Approx. 1600g Approx. 1960g Approx. 290g Approx. 1390g

* Can be altered if required.


Usages, use examples

  • Measures liquids, powders, and granules continuously without contact
  • Measure corrosive and adhesive materials
    Ex.: Monitor city water level, sewage, drain liquid, chemical agents (acids, alkalis), slurry, storage tanks, silos, etc.

Standard specifications


Power source required 100 to 240V AC
Power consumption 10 VA
Output Current 4 to 20mA DC X 2 lines (load resistance 60Ω)
Relay 4 X 2 lines Contact point capacity 250V AC, 30V DC 5A
(2 lines of power output when only 1 channel is used, 8 contact points can be used for relays)
Communication RS485 / RS232C
Measurement precision 0.25%F.S.
Resolution 1mm
Measuring cycle Approx. 2 sec.
Operating temperature: -20 to +70 degrees
Case Materials Aluminum (AC4A-F) Painting color: Silver Window: Acrylic
Protection level IP55 or equivalent
Weight Approx. 3,500g



Model name M88 M99 M21
*1 Measurement distance 0.3 to 12m 0.3 to 12m 0.6 to 20m
*1 Ultrasonic wave frequency 40kHz 21kHz
Beam angle 12° 22° 14
Screw-in R1 G1 G1
Flange *2 JIS5K100AFF (PVC) *2 JIS5K150AFF (PVC)
Operating temperature -20 to +70 degrees -20 to +60 degrees
Sensor material Polypropylene
PVDF Epoxy

*1: The nominal measuring distance is determined by the static water level used as a reflecting mirror. It may become shorter with various measuring conditions.
(Steam, condensation, waves, powder and granulated materials, etc.)
*2: The actual measuring range is determined by each measuring condition.For details, contact to our staff.
A meter with a weir meter function is also available as optional.

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