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Vibration type level switches

CV series
CV series
High performance vibration type level switch that is reliable and very sensitive

There are no moving parts, and it provides high level of sensitivity (It can detect material at a nominal specific gravity of 0.02) No need to adjust the sensitivity.

  • For powders and granules

A variety of types are available such as extension type and hanging type. There is a sensitivity selection switch to measure adhesive materials.


Features, keys

  1. High sensitivity level (detection is possible at a nominal specific gravity of 0.02)
    It can detect various powders and fine powders.
  2. Optimum sensor mechanism for detection
    Only the tip of the vibration rod is highly sensitive, and it does not mistakenly detect material stuck on the tank wall.
  3. A high temperature type is also available
    Sensors with a heat resistance of 150 degrees are also available.
  4. Various functions are provided
    Free-range power supply (20 to 250VAC/DC), fail-safe function, and CE marking.


Model name CV-210 CV-310 CV-510
Type Solid and high performance
Standard type
Extension probe type Hanging type
Standard model in this series, backed by lots of experience
Dimensions can be adjusted to match the specific conditions
A cable probe is used and you can specify a length up to 20m when ordering.
Major applications
Detects various powders, pellets, and chips
Mainly used with horizontal installations
Mainly used for angled and vertical installations in upper positions
Ideal for detecting the upper limit in a silo
Photograph CV-210 CV-310 CV-510

Usages, use examples

  • Detects levels of fine powder, powder, and granulated materials.
  • Detects various powders, pellets, and chips.
  • Detects incinerated ash and resins (using the high temperature type).

Standard specifications

Model name CV-210 CV-310 CV-510
Amplifier Maximum detection sensitivity
(Nominal specific gravity of material to be measured)
Input power source 20 to 250 VAC/DC
Configuration of output contact points 1C
Output contact point capacity AC2000VA DC80W
Maximum open/close voltage 250VAC
Maximum open/close current 8A
Power consumption 3VA
Allowable amplifier temperature -20 to +60 degrees
Case Protection class IP67
Materials Die-cast aluminum
Wiring hole M20 X 1.5
Connection R1 1/2
(Many optional flanges are available *1)
R1 1/2
(Many optional flanges are available)
R1 1/2
(Many optional flanges are available *1)
Materials SUS304 SUS304 SUS304, polyurethane
Allowable temperature -40 to +80 degrees -40 to +80 degrees -40 to +70 degrees
Allowable pressure *2 1.0MPa
Allowable load 100N (offset load) - 200Kg (tensile load)

:1: The flanges for the CV-210 and CV-510 screw in to main housing.
*2: If the withstand pressure of the liquid contact areas is lower than this load value, the withstand pressure of the liquid contact area shall be applied.

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