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Float type level switches

FL-H series
FL-H series
Horizontal installation float switch made of SUS

Turned on/off by changing the installation direction.

  • For liquid

Other coupling methods (various flanges, ferrules, or screw-in items) and pressure withstand types are also available. The series can be made intrinsically safe and explosion-proof by combining it with a relay isolator.


Operating principle

  1. Operation principle
    A reed switch is integrated inside the system as shown in the figure. When the magnet in the float arm comes close the reed switch, it turns on. If the magnet moves away from the read switch, it turns off.
  2. Installation direction
    Turned on/off by changing the installation direction.

Usages, use examples

  • Detect levels of water, oil, and various liquid chemical agents
  • Controls pumps and liquid levels, including setting upper and lower limit alarms

Standard specifications

Float materials SUS304
Contact point capacity 50VA DC/AC
Maximum open/close voltage 300V DC/AC
Maximum open/close current 0.5A DC/AC
Maximum number of points detected 1
Length 110mm
Float withstanding pressure 0.5.0MPa
Operating temperature -20 to +70 degrees (120 degrees with pressure resistant type)

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