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Float type level switches

FLD series
FLD series
Displacement type float switch; float position can be set freely

As the float can be set to any position, the position can be changed locally. It can also measure highly viscous liquid as it strongly resists against adhesion to the probe.One switch can measure multiple points (a maximum of 6 points).

  • For liquid

Reduces the use of packaging materials and their costs, since there is no need for a wooden crate or box to transport it.


Features, keys

  1. The float can be installed in any position, so it is convenient for sensing sticky materials
    Unless materials that exceed the weight of the float are stuck to it, the float operation is not affected.
  2. Easy to set
    As the float can be set to any position using a screwdriver, the position can be changed locally.
  3. Can measure foam and flow
    If has a self-latching function and a balance weight is attached to the lower end of the wire. Therefore, the switch is almost unaffected by liquid conditions.
  4. Wood free (reduces the use of packaging materials)
    No need wooden crate needed, even with a length of 2m or longer, so it contributes to decreased packaging and processing costs.

Usages, use examples

  • Detect levels of water, oil, and various liquid chemical agents
  • Control liquid levels at multiple points
    Ex.: Can be used with various applications, including controlling pumps, setting upper and lower limit alarms, and contributing to decreasing users’ total costs.

Standard specifications

Detection method Displacement type
Type Made of SUS
Model name FLD

Terminal box

Materials AC4A
Painted color Munsell 10B 5/10
Design IP65 or equivalent
Wiring hole G1/2
Connection Dimensions JIS5K50A
Materials SUS304
Float Outside diameter φ50 X H45
Materials SUS304
Measurable specific gravity 0.8 to 1.2
Wire Outside diameter φ1
Materials SUS304
Maximum dimension 5m
Electrical ratings Contact point capacity DC 10W / AC 10VA
Maximum open/close voltage 100V DC, 100V AC
Maximum open/close current 0.5ADC / 0.5A, AC
Others Maximum number of points detected 6 points (SPST ↑ON)
Float withstanding pressure Vacuum to 1MPa
Operating temperature -20 to +180 degrees
Operation position 20mm from the float top
Options Special specifications
Change the material used┄SUS316
Change the wire length┄9m
High pressure resistance specification┄2MPa
• Shaft: Teflon coated
• Spring: Rust prevention coating
• Conforms to RoHS

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