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Capacitance level switch (compact)

LC-S type
LC-S type
Compact liquid level sensor that detects liquid using the capacitance principle

Compact and easy to handle liquid level sensor2-line system is employed and easy to wire.
Ideal model to mount on machines and equipment.

  • For liquid

Features, keys

  1. Easy maintenance as there are no moving parts
  2. 2-line system is employed and easy to wire
  3. Low price

Usages, use examples

Detect liquid levels of small vessels and small units (detecting liquid levels, empties, and full)


Standard specifications


Input power source 24VDC
Output format Open collector non-contact-point outputs
Maximum rating of output transistor
Maximum operating detection sensitivity 0.7PF
Allowable amplifier temperature -5 to +60 degrees
Output capacity Collector current(Ic) 50mA
Voltage between collector and emitter (Vceo) 35V
Collector loss(Pc) 150mW


Connection PT 1/4B
Material of the parts that contact liquid SUS304 and PTFE
Allowable detector temperature -0 to +60 degrees (no condensation)
Allowable detector pressure Water pressure 2MPa (at normal temperatures)

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