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Paddle type level switches

ML-5K series
ML-5K series
Ideal for detecting lump levels
Shock proof level switch

Level switches to detect lumps such as rocks, stones, and pebbles. Has a solid design that affords stable operation under harsh conditions.

  • For lumps

A variety of products are offered that include flange types, special flange types, and heat resistant types.


Features, keys

  1. Can be used even under harsh conditions
    Using a pipe shaft connected with a shackle improves the vane and shaft’s ability to withstand shocks. So this level switch is sturdy and robust.
  2. High torque is employed
    A driving torque of 40 cN•m is available to ensure a stable supply of power.

Usages, use examples

Detect lump levels

  • Rocks, stones, pebbles, etc.

Standard specifications

Model name ML-5K
Input power source 100V, 110V, 200V, 220V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption When the vane is rotating: 3.5W
Contact point capacity 250VAC, 6A (resistance load)
Contact point type 1C
Vane rotation speed Approx. 1.5/1.8rpm 50/60Hz
Detecting torque 40±10cN•m (variable range 30 to 70cN•m)
Ambient operating temperature -10 to +50 degrees (temperature in tank: up to 80 degrees)
Materials Housing: Aluminum alloy (AC4A-F)
Powder contacting parts: SUS304
Seals: Nitrile rubber
Connection and installation Flange standards: Various types
Protection level IP65
Case color Munsell 7.5BG4/1.5

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