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Paddle type level switches

ML-D1 series
ML-D1 series
This is definitely the model of paddle level sensors that will give you stable powder level detection for a long time

Can detect almost all powder and granulated material stably.Its unique mechanism allows long term, stable detection of powder levels. These paddle switches were designed to be compact and cost less than conventional models.
A two-layered seal system and Mum design are employed to prevent powder and granulated materials from getting inside the housing.
*A 24DC model has obtained the CE marking.

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A variety of products available to meet a wide range of needs, from standard to special specifications. Standard flange types, resistant types, protection tube types, extension types, etc..


Features, keys

  1. Uses a 2-layer sealed construction
    Securely prevents the intrusion of powder and granulated material thanks to an oil seal plus a 2-layer oil seal.
  2. Prevents the entrance of powder and granulated materials into the case.
    A mum-structured sintered alloy bearing prevents leaks from the seals.
  3. Gear drive system
    Can be reduce teh failure because shaft and motor is not directly connected.
  4. Employed the slip mechanism
    The slip mechanism softens shocks to the vanes and shaft.
  5. The inside the paddle level sensor can be detached so that it is easy to check.
  6. Fine torque adjustment
    Torque can be finely adjusted by the stepless static torque adjustment function.
  7. A variety of lines
    Lots of paddle type switches are available, including a type with a shaft protection tube, high temperature types, shaft extension types, and wire types.
  8. Obtained the CE marking
    A 24VDC model has obtained the CE marking.


Standard flange type Protective tube type Heat resistant type

* Above is an example from the line up.

Usages, use examples

Detects any type of powder (including upper and lower limits)

Standard specifications

Model name ML-D1
Input power source 100V, 110V, 200V, 220VAC ±10% 50/60Hz
* A 24V DC model is also available as an option.
Power consumption When the vane is rotating: 3.5W
Contact point capacity 250VAC 11A , 125VDC 0.6A (resistance load)
Contact point type 1C
Vane rotation speed Approx. 2 rpm, CCW
Detecting torque 10 to 15 cN•m
Ambient operating temperature -10 to +50 degrees (temperature in tank: up to 80 degrees)
Materials Case: Aluminum alloy die cast (ADC12)
Powder contact parts: SUS304
Seal: Nitrile rubber (fluoro rubber for model H)
Connection and installation Standard flange specification: JIS5K65AF.F or equivalent
Standard flange material: Aluminum
Protection level IP65
Case color Dark blue equivalent to Munsell 5PB3/8

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