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Electrode water level switch

RE-G4 series
RE-G4 series
Electrode water level sensor that can detect up to 6 points
Ideal for detecting conductive liquids

Connect multiple electrodes and change length of each of these to detect liquid level at multiple points. Can detect using up to 7 electrodes (one is the Common)

  • For liquid

Can be used outdoors. By changing the amplifier, it can detect any liquid from conductive liquids to liquids with a high fixed resistance.


Features, keys

  1. Detects the liquid level using a weak current between the electrodes
    (maximum of 6 points).
  2. A maximum of 7 electrodes with the standard length cable can be connected.
    (One is COMMON from 7)
  3. By changing the amplifier (relay unit), it can detect any liquid from conductive liquids (low fixed resistance) to liquids with a high fixed resistance (to approximately the level of distilled water)
  4. Can be used outdoors
  5. The terminal block is installed inside the amplifier case
  6. Designed to be vapor resistant in a tank

Usages, use examples

  • Detects multiple points in conductive liquids (ordinary purified water, sewage, distilled water, salt water, acid agents, alkali agents, etc.)
  • Detect water levels at water processing plants, water purification plants, drain water processing plants, drain water tanks, and elsewhere
  • Controls the water supply to elevated water tanks in buildings and condominiums, and controls the drain water in drain tanks.
  • Controls raw material levels in food producing machines and liquid chemical tanks.
  • Detects water levels in water supply tanks
  • Touch switch
  • Auto hot water supply and low water alarm at the head of a hot spring.
  • Detect water levels in irrigation ponds and rivers.

Standard specifications

Model name RE-G4-SC□-□ RE-G4-FA□-□
Operating temperature: -20 to 50 degrees (don’t freeze in that temperature range)
Operating pressure 200KPa
Case material PVC
Electrode material SUS304/SUS316/Titanium/Hastelloy B, C
Electrode sheath Polyolefin (no sheath on the Common electrode)
Electrode length 80, 115, 150, 185, 220, 255, 290mm
Number of electrodes Up to 7 (number of control points: 6)
Connection G2(PVC) JIS 10K100A or equivalent (PVC) *1
Lead wire exit hole Rp3/4
Protection level IP65 or equivalent

*1: Can be altered on request (however, cannot be used with a connector smaller than 5K50A)
*2: Used together with a commercially available relay unit.

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