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Capacitance level switch (compact)

Ideal for detecting liquid levels of small (a few liter capacity) tanks
Can detect and measure levels under harsh conditions

Optimal for small tanks with no available space for installation.
* The intrinsically safe and explosion-proof types obtained ExiaⅡCT6.
*This video introduces function of canceling the adhesion.

  • For liquid

Mutual interference between the sensors has been solved so multiple sensors can be used close each other.


Features, keys

  1. Mutual interference between the sensors has been solved.
    In general, capacitance sensors generate high frequencies. They can cause a malfunction by frequency synchronization between various electrodes when multiple sensors are used.
    Using our unique detection circuit, this problem has been solved.
  2. Various functions are provided
    Free-range power supply, delay setting, fail-safe function, etc.
  3. Function of canceling the adehesion
    By the Function of canceling the adhesion, to cancel the adhesion and fixation, such as a viscous liquid or dust.
  4. Corresponding to the high temperature
    Can be used in high tempereature condition. And corresponding to the various customization.


The video shows function of canceling the adhesion.


Usages, use examples

  • Detect presence/absence of liquid (detects level, empty, and full).
  • Detects adhesion liquid, slurry, excrement, seawater, soy sauce, carbon, etc.
  • Detects the interface between oil and water
  • Level detection in small tanks of a few liters and with small equipment.
  • For areas that require an explosion proof device (explosion proof certification obtained in Japan, and China. Contact us as for the Korean explosion-proof approval information)

Standard specifications

Amplifier (separate type)

Input power source 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Maximum operating detection sensitivity 0.5PF
Allowable amplifier temperature -20 to +60 degrees
Contact point output Relay contact point 250VAC, 3A, 30VDC, 3A


Connection R1/4
Material of the grounding and detecting electrodes SUS304
Material of the insulating parts Polyacetal
Allowable detector temperature -10 to +80 degrees
Allowable detector pressure 2.0MPa

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