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Optical liquid level sensor

YD-02F series
YD-02F series
Optical liquid level sensor that is ideal for a small vessel or tank

It can detect the liquid level directly. The sensor is completely covered with fluorine resin (PFA).

  • For liquid

This sensor detects liquid levels using the difference of refractive index between fluorine resin and air.


Features, keys

  1. This sensor measures the liquid level directly and is covered with fluorine resin (PFA) to protect it
    The material being measured does not stick easily to the sensor because the whole sensor unit is covered with fluorine resin, which has excellent chemical and oil resistant properties.
  2. Simple setting detection position
    The upper and lower limit positions can be set by changing the installation position.
  3. Super compact
    Easy to adjust because the amplifier is separated from the electrode.The amplifier can be connected using a DIN rail.

Usages, use examples

Detect liquids
(Milky white opaque liquids may not be de detected)

  • Detects working oil levels.
  • Checks whether oil is present
  • The presence of cleaning solution
  • Detects the liquid level in a chemical liquid tank
  • Detects whether a waste liquid tank is full
  • Detects battery liquid
  • Detects pure water levels.

Standard specifications

Power voltage 12 to 24V DC
Operating temperature range -15 to 65 degrees
Output format NPN open collector (max 30mA)
Precision 1mm or finer (when detecting water)
Number of output points 1
Materials Liquid contact parts: Fluorine resin (PFA)
Connection R1/8
Lead wire 1,000mm

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