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Float type level switches

YF-GP1 series
YF-GP1 series
Super compact float switch made of resin
Optimal for mounting on machines and equipment

Resins (PP, POM, etc.), that offer high resistance to corrosion, are used for the sensors .Can measure various liquid chemicals.

  • For liquid

A Horizontal installation type made of SUS (SUS304, SUS316) is also available.


Features, keys

  1. Super small float switches for detecting at a single point
    A variety of products are available including sensors for water and liquid chemicals.
  2. The unit is durable, highly reliable, and is not affected by temperature, humidity, or gases

Usages, use examples

  • Detects liquid levels of water, chemical agents, and oil.
  • Small tanks on machines and other equipment

Standard specifications

Model name YF-GP1D2
(for water and liquid chemicals)
YF-GP1B2 (for oils)
Connection Dimensions G1/8
Materials PP POM
Float Outside diameter Φ18xH25 Φ26.5×H25
Materials PP NBR
Measurable specific gravity 0.8 or more 0.57 or more
Stem Outside diameter Φ7
Materials PP
Length dimension (Max.) 44±1
Electrical ratings Contact point capacity 50VA DC/AC
Maximum open/close voltage 300V DC/AC
Maximum open/close current 0.5A DC/AC
Others Maximum number of points detected 1
Float withstanding pressure 0.2.0MPa
Operating temperature (heat resistant type) -10 to +80 degrees
L1 dimension (min) *1 44±1

*1: The L dimension means the total length from the bottom of the screw.

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