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Float type level switches

YF-GS series
Compact float type level switch made of SUS that can detect multiple points

Compact float switch without a terminal box. Can detect liquid levels at multiple points (1 to 4 points).

  • For liquid

Can be made to meet special requirements and for use at high temperature. The series can be made intrinsically safe and explosion-proof by combining it with a relay isolator.


Features, keys

  1. Two types can be selected for vertical or horizontal installations
    Vertical installation type: Can measure liquid levels at a maximum of 4 points ⇒ YF-GS□S
    Horizontal installation type: Can measure liquid levels at a maximum of 2 points ⇒ YF-GS□L
  2. The unit is durable, highly reliable, and is not affected by temperature, humidity, or gases.
  3. You can select the material and design depending on the liquid characteristic and conditions of use
    Oil elimination, electronic grinding, buffed finish (#4000), bonding (connection between the float and stem), etc.

Usages, use examples

  • Detect levels of water, oil, and various liquid chemical agents
  • Control liquid levels at multiple points (control pumps, set upper and lower limit alarms, etc.)

Standard specifications

Model name YF-GS□S YF-GS□L
Connection Dimensions G1/8
Materials SUS304
Float Outside diameter Φ28xH27
Materials SUS304
Measurable specific gravity 0.7 or more
Stem Outside diameter Φ8 (when 4 contact points are used Φ9)
Materials SUS304
Length dimension (Max.) 1,000mm
Electrical ratings Contact point capacity DC 50W/AC 70VA
Maximum open/close voltage 350V DC, 300V AC
Maximum open/close current DC 0.7A/AC 0.5A
Others Maximum number of points detected 4 2
Float withstanding pressure 2.0MPa 2.0MPa
Operating temperature (heat resistant type) -10 to 100 degrees (180 degrees)
L1 dimension (min) *1 25mm 50mm
L dimension (min) *:2 55mm 80mm
Setting distance dimensions (min) *3 37mm
L-Ln dimension (min) *4 30mm

*1: The Ln dimension means a length from the set position to the bottom of the screw.
*2: The L dimension means the total length from the bottom of the screw.
*3: Setting distance dimensions refers to the minimum dimension when two stoppers are used.
*4: The L-Ln dimension refers to the difference between the final setting position (Ln) and total length.
Note: The values for *3 and *4 are true when the specific gravity of the liquid is 1.0.

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