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Float type level switches

YF-PP series
YF-PP series
Cable float type liquid level switch that can be used up to 15 m

Can measure to a max. of 15 m. One switch can measure multiple points. (a maximum of 6 points) Optimum for a flow of liquid or foam.

  • For liquid

Models with a cable float for one point only are also available.


Operating principle

When the float rises and reaches to the upper limit of the range according to the liquid level, the float inverts. The movable weight inside contacts the magnet, and turn the upper limit signal on.
When the level drops to the lower limit, the float inverts. The movable weight inside moves away from the magnet and turn the reed switch off.
Since the movable weight inside only moves at the upper or lower limits of the range, it is unaffected by chattering by waves.


Usages, use examples

  • Detect the liquid levels of water, drain water, or sewage, and control the liquid level in tanks and pits
  • There is a flow of liquid or foam.
  • Tank depth (the Length dimension) is longer (maximum 15 m)

Standard specifications

Terminal box

Terminal box
Materials AC4A-F
Painted color Silver
Design IP65
Wiring hole G3/4
Connection Dimensions Flange JIS5K65A
Materials SUS304
Float Outside diameter Φ58xH82
Materials PC+ABS
Measurable specific gravity 0.8 or more
Stem Outside diameter Φ4+α
Materials Vinyl
Length dimension (Max.) 15,000mm
Electrical ratings Contact point capacity 70 VA AC, 50W DC
Maximum open/close voltage 220V AC, 300V DC
Maximum open/close current 0.7A AC, 0.35A DC
Others Maximum number of points detected 6
Float withstanding pressure 0.2MPa
Operating temperature
(heat resistant type)
0 to +50 degrees
L1 dimension (min) *1 400mm
L dimension (min) *:2 650mm
Setting distance dimensions (min) 200mm
L-Ln dimension (min) *:3 250mm

*1: The Ln dimension refers to a length from the bottom of the flange.
*2: The L dimension refers to the total length from the bottom of the flange.
*3: The L-Ln dimension refers to the difference between the final setting position (Ln) and total length.
Note: The values for *3 is true when the specific gravity of the liquid is 1.0.

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