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Capacitance level switch (compact)

YGP series
YGP series
Liquid level switches that do not malfunction, even if material is stuck on the electrode
Ideal for detecting liquid levels in small containers and small tanks

They can detect the level of liquids, even in highly conductive and sticky materials.
(In addition to water, these switches can detect levels of sludge, sewage, seawater, say sauce, miso, etc.)
The amplifier is mounted in an integral body, so it is ideal for mounting on small machines and equipment.

    For liquids

Can detect the presence and remaining quantities of liquid, and liquid interfaces.


Features, keys

  1. Super compact, space saving type.
    The amplifier is mounted in a compact and integral body, so it is ideal for mounting on small machines and equipment.
  2. Wide power supply range, and low power consumption.
    Can be used with 8 to 28VDC. Current consumption is 30 mA or less.
  3. Can make measurements, even with material stuck on the sensor.
    These switches can make measurements, even if the probe has conductive substances such as slurries, viscous liquids, paints, adhesives, or honey stuck on it.
  4. High waterproof.
    It meets IP67, dust-proof and water-proof specifications and can be used outdoors.
  1. With indicators showing its function.
    You can check whether the operation is stable or not by looking at the LEDs.


* The video shows the probe eliminating the influence of material stuck on it.


Usages, use examples

  • In addition to water, the switch can detect sticky conductive substances, such as slurries, viscous liquids, paints, adhesives, and honey.
  • For mounting on small equipment
  • Detects liquid levels in small containers, small tanks, and detects liquid interfaces

Standard specifications


Power voltage 8 to 28VDC
Output signal NPN output.
MAX. 30VDC, 50mA (residual voltage 0.5V or less)
Ambient temperature -20 to +70 degrees


Connections R1/4
Housing material SUS304
Sensor SUS304
Lead wire 200mm (outer diameter 4.1, AWG25)
(Red: Power in, White: Output signals: Black: GND)
Pressure -0.08 to 1MPa
Protection level IP67
Electrode ambient temperature -20 to +100 degrees

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