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Moisture meter in cleaning agent

113N series
Measures moisture content in cleaning agents used for washing electronic parts

Measures the water content in detergent using the differences between the dielectric constants of detergent and water. This series copes with the conventional problems (contamination of flux and influence by change of temperature) by correction calculation of conductivity and temperature, so it can measure water content more precisely. In addition, this series can be used easily in plant fields as it has a guard shield to eliminate cable capacitance and stray capacitance though it is for one end installation type different from other impedance measuring devices. It is designed to have strong durability on harsh environment.

  • For liquid

Features, keys

  1. Easy to handle
  2. Water content can be read directly
  3. There is little measurement error due to changes of flow density
  4. The sensor is very corrosion resistant and will have a long life
  5. Can be used both in-line and off-line


Installation of a moisture meter

  • Install the meter in a position where its measurement will not be affected by washed out dirt (such as next to a washing device, or on top of a washing tank, as shown in the figure above).
  • Bubbles in liquid of the sensor may badly affect the measurement. Install the meter where there are few bubbles.
  • If a moisture meter is installed in a location where the temperature changes rapidly, we recommend using a temperature correction.

Moisture adjustment

  • Add water to adjust the moisture at a point before the pump, in order to mix the fresh water with the cleaning solution effectively (see the figure above).
  • If you add water too quickly, it may cause you to add too much water. We recommend gradually adjusting the water content at as low a flow rate as possible.

Function quick check table (model selection quick table)

Model name / Function GM-113N-EM GM-113N M-113N
Moisture output
Moisture content direct reading × ×
Dirt detection (Note 1) ×
Temperature output
Temperature correction × ×
Relay output × ×
Register multiple types
(Note 2)
× ×
Precautions   The meter cannot measure dirt if the liquid temperature is not constant.

*△: Options
Note 1: The dirt level cannot be measured if the dirt itself does not cause a change in conductivity.
Note 2: The GM-113N, M-113N can measure only one sample. But the GM-113N-EM can measure the moisture levels of multiple samples by altering the register scan lines.


Standard specifications

Model name GM-113N-EM GM-113N M-113N
General specifications Moisture measuring methods Capacitance, conductivity, and temperature calculation methods Capacitance, conductivity, and temperature calculation methods
Power voltage 105 to 210V AC, ±10V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 40W 10W
Moisture measuring precision ±1%
Moisture value output 4 to 20mADC (load resistance: 450Ω or less)
Dirt density output 4 to 20mADC (load resistance: 450Ω or less)
Operating temperature range Normal temperature to 60 degrees *2 Normal temperature to 60 degrees
Cable length 2m
Rated temperature
Temperature measurement method Using a thermistor temperature-sensing element
Temperature measurement range 0 to 100 degrees
Temperature measurement precision ±1 degrees
Temperature output 4 to 20mADC (load resistance: 450Ω or less)
Controller specifications Power voltage 100/230VAC±10% -
Indications Number of display digits: 3 -
Upper and lower limit alarms, contact point capacity 250VAC(30VDC)5A -
Specifications Sensor Electrode material SUS304, PTFE
Temperature sensor material SUS304 / SUS316

*2 Only the display shows MAX40 degrees
*△: Available as option

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