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Load cell converter

5D-10/5D-40 series
EX-025 series
Load cell converter provides compact format, high performance, and low price.

It offers a better cost-performance ratio and as a board type it is ideal for integrating into machines.

The PLA-001 high functionality unit is stored in a case.


Features, keys

  1. Employs RFI for the front stage, and a secondary active filter of 1Hz for a low pass on the rear stage.
  2. A 10V power supply comes as standard.
  3. Zero adjustment terminals are provided for connecting an external adjustable resistor.
  4. Immediately resumes stability after power is turned on again.
    Warm-up time is within 3 minutes.
  5. Can be used with a high impedance cell
  6. It has good linearity.

Usages, use examples

  • Install it in the lowest position of a tank and it detects liquid pressure and outputs the results.

Standard specifications

Charged voltage 10V DC, 100mA or less
(With a quick acting short circuit protection circuit)
Zero adjustment range 0 to approx. 30mV/V
Rough adjustment: 16-step rotary switch
Rough adjustment: External 5 kΩ potentiometer
(Selectable using a jumper switch)
Variable range ±2mV
Voltage output 0 to ±10V Load resistance: 5kΩ or more
Filter Active: Approx. 1Hz/-6db
Non-linearity 0.005%
Power source required ±15VDC 5mA+ charge power current
Conditions of use Precision warranty temperature:-10 to +40 degrees
Operation temperature:-10 to +70 degrees
External dimensions 117W x 91H x 15D (mm)


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