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Conductivity meters

MRL-13 series
MRL-13 series
Conductivity meter with multiple functions
Can measure a wide range of materials

This level switch can measure the conductivity of a wide range of liquids.Can be used in harsh conditions with special specifications, at high and low temperatures and high pressure.

  • For liquid

We design and manufacture coupling methods and sensor shapes to match your specifications and conditions, as well as your enclosure shape for mounting the sensor.


Features, keys

  1. Compact design
    It allows compact installations and does not occupy much space.
  2. Can operate in harsh environments
    Can be used in harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures and high pressures.
  3. Can be made to meet special specifications
    A special sensor can be manufactured to match your tank.
  4. Simple re-calibration
    Zero and span adjustment by pressing buttons. Once the desired settings are stored in the housing, there is no need to re-enter them.

Usages, use examples

The conductivity of liquids can be measured in any industry, including research institutes, water processing facilities, semiconductor plants, environmental research, food production, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and printing.

  • Control the density of various agents
  • Control the water quality in a boiler
  • Control the water quality of factory drain water and water processing facilities
  • Quality control, such as the density and mixture ratio of liquids in production processes
  • Measure the conductivity of cleaning and plating fluids for surface processing lines
  • Measure the distilled water used in semiconductors, food processing, and pharmaceutical production

Standard specifications


Required power 20 to 250 V AC, DC
Power consumption 2.0VA
Ambient operating temperature -10 to +60 degrees
Current output 4 to 20mA DC
Resolution 0.005mA
Measurement and setting ranges 0 to 5mS/cm (can be tailored)
Input resolution 1/50000
Total resolution 0.025F.S. against 0 to 100%
Precision Linearity, reproduceability ±2%F.S. or better
Painted color Dark blue equivalent to Munsell 5PB3/8


Material of the parts that contact liquid Detection electrode SUS304
Seal material FKM O ring
Insulator PTFE
Allowable temperature -10 to +80 degrees
Allowable pressure 2MPa (at normal temperatures)

* Can be changed if required

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