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Micro differential pressure maters

MS65/MS61 types
MS65/MS61A/MS30 series
These micro differential pressure switches are used in various locations

This switch can set setting pressure by turning a volume with scale. It can be used for various use for detecting powder and dust air pressure with a filter.

  • For gases

Many pressure ranges and lots of proprietary accessories are available including metal tips for connecting to a metal pipe (MS65 only), and a rotating metal tip (MS65 only).
Two types are available, for setting upper and lower limit pressures, and two ratings (for general electric loads and low voltage current).


Usages, use examples

  • Controlling air in tall buildings and semiconductor production lines
  • Control facilities for environmental preservation
  • Clean rooms
  • Monitoring in-room pressure in nuclear related facilities
  • Assessing the clogging of filters

Standard specifications


MS65 MS65 code
・Built-in micro switch has high reliability and high electrical rating of contact.
・Even when the pressure becomes excessive, the original mechanism avoid damage to the moving parts.
・Small hysteresis is realized by the silicone rubber diaphram.
・High-performance air filter prevent the incorrect action of the contact under severe condition.


MS61A MS61A code
・UL standards conformity
・Compact and lightweight type


MS30 WO81 code
・UL standards and CE directive (CE marking) conformity
・It is easy to wire by the 3P mini-clamp connector produced by 3M Co., Ltd.


EB3C EB3C code
・To use specify the product for low electrical load of micro differential pressure swithes and combine.
・Can be selected one circuit or two circuits
・Explosion-proof performance  Relay barrier:[Exia]UC、Switch(EB9Z-A):ExiaUCT6、Switch(EB9Z-A1):ExiaUBT6
* The product above is made by Yamamoto Electric Works., Co., Ltd.

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