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Micro differential pressure meters

WO81/WO70/FR51 series
The specialized accessories
The specialized accessories for micro differential pressure gauges such as pitot tube

The accessories are for Manostar gauges and Manostar switches, Manosys transmitter.

  • For gases

A pitot tube, a pulsating protector, a corrosive gas absorber, a Air filter for instrument, various joints, a tube band, an inner sleeve set and various tubes for pipe, are also available, are also available.


Usages, use examples

  • Controlling air in tall buildings and semiconductor production lines
  • Control facilities for environmental preservation
  • Clean rooms
  • Monitoring in-room pressure in nuclear related facilities
  • Assessing the clogging of filters


Pitot tube

Pitot tube ・Simple model for measuring static pressure (when air velocity is 1 m/s or less, simplified static pressure tube, surface-installation static pressure tube, static pressure tube for ceilling and wall installing)
・Stastic pressure tube (when air velocity is 1m/s or more)
・Total pressure tube (used in combination with the static pressure tube)
・Total static pressure tube (when air velocity is 2 m/s or more)

Pulsating protector

Pulsating protector ・Used in case of strong turbulent flow of medium air that causes abnormal movement of pointer and output of transmitter

Corrosive gas absorber

Corrosive gas absorber ・Used in case of measurement of gas which corrodes the materal of the instrument and pressure detector prolong instrument life

Air filter for instrument

Air filter for instrument ・Used in case of measurement of dusty air
・Preventing clogging of pressure detector and piping

Various joints

Tube band ・Used to connect each the pressure detector

Tube band

Pitot tube ・Use to fix the connection portion of the vinyl tube

Inner sleeve set

Inner sleeve set ・Used in combination with the metal tube connector
・For to connect the plastic pipe

Various tubes

Pitot tube ・Vinyl tube, Urethane tube, Nylon tube

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