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Moisture meter (in oil)

OM-11 series
Insert the electrode in a pipe and you can measure moisture content continuously

Flow oil in a electrode in coaxial cylinder, and measure change of capacitance to detect water content. The meter calibrate for each oil type so it guarantee high precision and stability. Typical oils (heavy oil, lubrication oil, etc.) are already register their spans so you just adjust only zero point to use the meter.

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Features, keys

  1. The electrode is simple in design and it does not have much pressure loss, making for a long service life
  2. A highly sensitive and high precision capacitance-measuring device is used for the converter so the meter detects water content stably
  3. As the meter has a temperature correction function, there is no measuring error even when the oil temperature changes
  4. The controller allows registration of the oil type, so it can measure water content in various types of oil
  5. Quick zero and span adjustments

Configuration diagram

OM-11 configuration diagram


If this moisture meter is used together with a water remover in oil, you can measure the moisture level more precisely by adding a zero adjustment signal right after the water is removed.



Capacitance converter Power input 100/200V±10%
Power consumption 15W or less
Measurement range ±30pF
Output 4 to 20mA DC (load resistance: 450Ω or less)
Linearity error ±0.2%
Temperature characteristics 0.01pF/10 degrees or less
Operating temperature range -20 to 80 degrees
Moisture detection electrode (for use in oil) Protection class Drop proof
Connection JIS 10K-50A
(can be changed to another coupling)
Material of the parts that contact liquid SUS304 PTFE
Withstand voltage 0.5MPa (water pressure 20 degrees)
Cable ground 15b
Operating temperature range 0 to 150 degrees
Temperature sensors Operating temperature range Continuously 0 to 150 degrees
Continuously 0 to 130 degrees
Heat response time 5 sec.
Materials SUS304
Cable Length Standard MAX 10m
Operating temperature range 0 to ±60 degrees
Standard RGB63B/U double shielded (capacitance section)
MVVS 3C X 0.3 (temperature measuring section)

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