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Micro differential pressure meters

WO81/WO70/FR51 series
WO81/WO70/FR51 series
These micro differential pressure gauges are used in various locations

After thorough improvement on bundling mechanism and differential pulley system, high precision and endurable general purpose WO81 is debuted as a series. If has excellent cost performance, and used in various industries as a product having affluent of accessories.

  • For gases

A general purpose type WO81, a compact type WO70, and a compact FR51A for panels, are also available.


Usages, use examples

  • Controlling air in tall buildings and semiconductor production lines
  • Control facilities for environmental preservation
  • Clean rooms
  • Monitoring in-room pressure in nuclear related facilities
  • Assessing the clogging of filters

Standard specifications


WO81 WO81 code
・Broad line-up of product, supporing the air volume scale and
・Even when the pressure becomes excessive, the original mechanism avoid damage to moving parts
・Snakk hysteresis is realized by the silicone rubber diaphragm
・The pointer is not fluctated by the original band-linked mechanism


WO70 WO70 code
・Flag pointer is installed normally, which are easily to manage predicted value or threshold value of differntial pressure


FR51A FR51A code
・Compact and lightweight type


WO71 WO71code
・Achieve the most thin thickness 29.2 mm in Manostar gauge
・Standard equipped with a rotary connector
・Achieve common surfase installation type and panel installation type
* The product above is made by Yamamoto Electric Works., Co., Ltd.

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