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Flow meter for liquids

YJ series
YJ series
Compact flow rate switch using magnetism
Does not cause significant pressure loss and offers high reliability

It detects small flow rates. Since this flow meter uses magnetism, it can measure small flow rates with high precision.

  • For liquid

A variety of models are available for many flow rate ranges and connection diameters. The mechanism is made of Noryl so it is rust proof and corrosion resistant.


Features, keys

  1. Optimal for controlling small flow rates.(0.5L/min to 20L/min)
  2. Connect using threads or hoses.(R1/2", R3/4", 21")
  3. The housing is leak free, made as a one-piece molding. It offers high reliability; no springs are used.
  4. The mechanism is rust proof and corrosion resistant.

Usages, use examples

  • Disconnects the cleaning water in a cleaning unit.
  • Cooling water for diesel engines, semiconductor production facilities, colorant monitoring, such as water glycol mixtures, pure water, and fluorinert.
  • Assessing clogging in distilled water filters.
  • Prevents running a pump dry.
  • Monitors gas flow rates including air, and N2.

Operating principle

A lead switch is integrated above the switch body, and a bias magnet is integrated at its bottom. A magnet is integrated inside the flapper.
When a liquid flows at the maximum flow rate, the flapper is pushed and raised. The lead switch is closed by the magnet inside the flapper, and the contact points output signals.
When the flow rate drops, the flapper starts to lower by its own weight and reduce the magnetic flux in the bias magnet. The lead switch opens at a specified flow rate and the contact point is disconnected.
By changing the magnetic flux in the bias magnet, and finely adjusting the lead switch position, you can set the flow rate and maintain the precision you desire.


Standard specifications

Model name YJKS-1 YJNK-1RAN YJRN-1 YJHA-1
Material Modified polyphenylene ether(PPE) *option: polypropylene (PP)
Connection method Screw Screw Screw Hose
Connection diameter R1/2" R1/2" R3/4" Φ21
Setting flow rate (water) 0.5 to 3.0 L/min 1.2 to 8 L/min 1.5 to 20L /min 3 to 12 L/min
Setting flow rate (air) 20 to 100 L/min 50 to 200 L/min 90 to 800 L/min 60 to 500 L/min
Contact point rating 1-SPST lead switch
100V DC 10W Max *option: 100V AC/DC
Operating pressure 1715kPa Max. (material PP: 686kPa)
Operating temperature: 0 to +86 degrees, no freezing
Lead wire #24AWG (UL-1007) 300mm
10 billion or more
Shock proof performance 294m/s2(30G)Max.

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