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Operating principles of vibration type level switches and application examples

The vibration type level switch is excellent for detecting levels of powder and granulated material. This page introduces operating principles of vibration type level switches and shows some application examples.If you are saying, We need a level sensor that can measure in our specific conditions, then count on us. We can provide devices that will meet any need, including the following.


Vibration type level sensors have highly sensitive areas at rod tip only

Please tell us the principles and features of vibration type level switches with rods (bar shaped).
The vibration type level switch oscillates a rod (stainless steel) using an electronic circuit.
When this vibration rod touches material in a tank, its vibration stops and outputs detection signal. Our vibration level switch vibration rode has only high sensitive at its tip. Therefore, it does not mistakenly detect material stuck on sensor mounting bracket and tank wall.

Material to be measured
Our vibration type level switch CV series provides high sensitivity in addition to stable operation.
It can measure material of nominal specific gravity 0.03 to 0.05.
For example, the vibration switch can detect powdered milk, peanuts, tobacco leaves, soybeans, sugar, coffee beans, gravel, wheat flour, spices, animal feeds, sodium carbonate, and pellets.

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Compact vibration level switches can measure in small spaces

Is there any most suitable space-saving level sensor for our conventional compact hoppers and tanks?
The CV600 offers compact sensor thanks to new circuit design, as well as high vibration technology. Therefore, it detects levels of compact hopper and machines. At the same time, it has the best sensitivity (nominal specific gravity) 0.05, and detects powder, pellets, plastics, foods, and animal feeds.
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Detecting the level of sediment in a liquid (water)

Please let us know about a special application example of a vibration level switch, if any.
In particular, is there an optimal example for detecting liquids and solids?
Our vibration type level switch can set sensitivity levels in some levels. Using this sensitivity setting function, you can detect sediment in liquid (water). Set the sensitivity of vibration type level switch to low, the switch does not detect water (detection signal goes off). But it detects sediment in water.So, the vibration type level switch can be used to detect level of sediment in liquid (water).
However, this detecting of a substance in a liquid is a special case. To apply this solution, various conditions must be confirmed carefully.
If you are worrying about level detection of a liquid and a powder, please contact our Sale Dept. directly.

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