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We were able to celebrate our 55th anniversary thanks to your support.
Since our foundation, we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling level meters, automatic control equipment, and various sensing equipment. We could continue our business for 55 years thanks to patronage toward us by our customers and other people related.
In this occasion, we would like to say hearty thanks to all of you supported, and ask your further support and patronage toward us in the future.


55th anniversary logo

We have created our "55th anniversary logo" with our mind of thankful to customers and all of people supported us.
The logo is based on Yamaden symbol color blue, and designed characters of "55."
By combining the cutting edge technologies and long cultured know-how, we will challenge to create valuable products welcomed by our customers. We will make full effort for "developing unique products" that match our customers' needs in various fields.


History for 55 years

The below introduces our history for 55 years.

July, 1959 Yamamoto Denki Shokai. established.
July, 1960 Changed company name to Yamamoto Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
1960 Developed and sold a full automatic metering and distributing control system for asphalt plants.
1961 Developed and sold a paddle type level switch.

The first set of paddle type level switch

Admittance type level switch

March, 1964 Opened our Tokyo Branch Office
March, 1972 Opened our Nagoya Sales Office
1973 Developed and sold an admittance type level switches.
Developed and sold a capacitance continuous level meters.
1978 Developed and sold an 8080 mounted original bus board.
1981 Developed and sold a temperature sensor for an asphalt plant.
1982 Developed a multi-path board, CPU A/D FDD DIO.
1985 Developed and sold a medium-sized operation panel, the ASPUC series, for an asphalt plant.
1987 Started to sell vibration level switches.
November, 1989 The current Yamamoto Electric Industrial was established.
Transferred the management rights from the old Yamamoto Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
1990 Stated to sell optical card readers.
Started to sell pressure type level meters.

Vibration type level sensor CV

Ultrasonic type level meter YU

Capacitance level meters MXL

1996 Started to sell ultrasonic type level meters.
1998 Sold an unmanned supply and distribution system for a plant.
Started to sell float type level switches.
February, 2000 Combined with Yamamoto Electric Co., Ltd.
Developed new capacitance level switches.
2002 Started to sell a new type of capacitance level meters.
Started to sell a new type of operation panels. (compatible with Windows 2000)
2003 Started to sell vibration type level switches for high temperatures.
2004 Started to sell digital capacitance type contiunous level meters for adhesion.
2005 Started to sell corrosion-proof float type level switches.
2007 Obtained approval for our quality management system -- ISO9001
Started to sell compact type level switches for high temperature.
2008 Started tp sell long distance ultrasonic level meters.
2009 Started to sell conductivity meters.
Started to sell compact float type level meters.
2010 Remodeled the factory where we make level sensors and other sensors.
2011 Started to sell pressure resistant and explosion-proof type float level meters.
Started to sell a new type electrode water level switches.
YAE capacitance level switch has obtained China's NEPSI explosion-proof certification.
2012 Started to sell small compact high sensitivity capacitance type level switches.
Started to a new paddle type level switch.

Small capacitance type level switch YHP

Explosion-proof standard of capacitance level meter MAE

2013 Started to sell explosion-proof standard of capacitance level meters.
Started to sell micro wave flow sensors.
YAE capacitance level swiths has has obtained Korea's KOSHA explosion-proof certification.
2014 Started to sell small capacitance type level switch for adhesion.
Invitation to the 55th anniversary celebration.

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