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Capacitance level meters

MHL series
MHL series
Capacitance level meter contributes to automation, saves energy, and saves manpower in various kinds of production

Ideal for measures liquids, corrosive liquids, powders, and granules continuously. Capacitance level meters that can be used in harsh environments.
*A 24VDC power supply in integrated has obtained CE marking.

  • For liquid
  • For powder

Many amplifiers and electrodes are available to match various conditions including integral and separate amplifier types.


Features, keys

  1. High precision
    Thanks to the latest circuit, the unit offers high precision and high resolution and can measure a miniature change of the level.
    A circuit is employed to correct liquid adhesion to the electrode.
  2. Can operate in harsh environments
    This meter can measure stably in harsh environments with high temperatures and pressures.
    The sanitary specification model has a fluorine resin coating on the electrode and so it holds up to heavy washing and is corrosion-proof.
  3. Simple to adjust
    It is easy to make the initial adjustments and span adjustment, using pushbuttons.
    You can adjust response speed using the delay setting function.
  4. Free-range power supply system is employed
    The switches can be used in any location in the world and can handle power from 20 to 250 volts, AC or DC.
  5. Obtained CE marking
    A 24VDC power supply in integrated has obtained CE marking.


1. This video demonstrates the actual measurement of a material interface.

2. The video demonstrates the actual measurement of powder.


Adjustment function

This unit eliminates the inconvenience of making initial settings that is necessary with ordinary models.
You can simply set the initial settings using one-touch pushbuttons.



Usages, use examples

  • Measure liquid level, powder and granular material level in various tanks. Measure material interface of liquids.
  • Conductive or insulating liquids, insulating liquids with a small dielectric constant, and semi-conductive liquids.
    Ex.: Various oil, various chemical solutions (acids, alkalis), various washing liquids, tap water, pure water, distilled water, alcohol, etc.
  • Small unit tanks, middle-sized tanks, underground pits, etc.
  • Food and pharmaceutical tanks, boilers, high temperature and high-pressure tanks, various chemical-agent tanks.

Standard specifications


Input power source 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Power consumption 24V DC:1.5W, 100V AC:2.5VA ,200V AC:3.5VA
Ambient operating temperature -25℃〜+60℃
Current output Current output 4 to 20mA/DC (load resistance 500Ω or less)
Response speed (delay) Variable between 0.03 to 30 sec.
Protection level IP68 (integral amplifier type) / IP20(separate amplifier type)
Paint color Dark blue equivalent to Munsell 5PB3/8 (integral amplifier type)
Semi gloss, Munsell N3.0 (separate amplifier type)
Options RS-485 Communications / Hand-held monitor


Connection Screw-in; R3/4 (can be altered to another material on request)
Flange: JIS5K25AFF (can be altered to another material on request)
Materials Surface: PFA (can be altered to another material on request)
Interior SUS316L (can be altered to another material on request)
Allowable temperature -10 to +150 degrees (high temperature type is also available)
Allowable pressure 2MPa (normal temperatures)

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