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Capacitance level switches

Compact flat level sensor for liquids
Optimal for small tanks and in plumbing

Ideal for liquid level detection in locations where you do not want to insert a sensor electrode deeply into a small tank or plumbing.
Sensor electrode insertion length in a tank can be adjusted.

  • For liquid

The sensor electrode is designed to limit the minimum the electrode insertion length and to prevent mechanical interference with a tank’s shape and liquid flow.


Features, keys

  1. Adjustable electrode insertion length
    The electrode length can be adjusted if the electrode is submerged in the material by liquid flowing in a tank, or the material adheres to the tank wall.
  2. High function, high performance, and compact
    Employment of the latest technology allows the products to provide high sensitivity, high precision, stable detection, and compactness.
  3. Provides reliable and durable performance even in harsh environments
    Can be used in harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures and high pressures, vacuum, vibration, and static electricity.
  4. Various functions and free-range power supply are provided
    Equipped with various functions including a variable voltage power supply (20V to 250V AC/DC), a delay function and a fail-safe function.
  5. Obtained the CE marking
    When the power supply is 24VDC used in the integrated sensor has obtained the CE marking.

Electrode length can be adjusted.


Usages, use examples

Detect presence/absence of liquid (detects level and empty).

Ideal for detecting liquids in a small tank, small equipment, in pipes.

  • * Intrinsically safe explosion-proof sensors are also available (intrinsically safe standard Exia II BT6).

  • Standard specifications


    Input power source 20 to 250 V AC/DC
    Protection level IP68
    Maximum operating detection sensitivity 0.5pF
    Allowable amplifier temperature -25 to +60 degrees (no condensation)
    Contact point output Relay contact point: 250VAC, 30VDC, 3A


    Connection R3/4
    Material of the grounding and detecting electrodes SUS304
    Material of the insulating parts Polyacetal (DAIFLON*)
    Allowable detector temperature -10 to +80 degrees (180 degrees)
    Allowable detector pressure 1.0MPa

    * A high temperature type is also available on request.
    * Click here to see the intrinsically safe and explosion-proof items.

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