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Various amplifiers and electrodes

Our sensors are available in a variety of configurations to meet different applications and conditions. Select the sensor that best matches your needs using the selection boxes below.

Product design

You can choose the following items to meet your conditions.
Amplifier characteristic ┄(Select according to the characteristics of the material to measure)
Unit configuration ┄(Select according to the installation position)
Electrode type ┄(Select according to use)
Explosion proof type ┄(When the sensor will be used in an explosion proof area)


Amplifier characteristic

Select an amplifier according to the characteristics of the material to be measured.

Amplifier Standard amplifier G amplifier
Mode S mode N mode G mode
Adhesion canceler Weak Strong Very strong
Major applications ■ Almost all powders and granulated materials
Various resin powder, various resin pellets, cement, soils, foundry sand, animal feeds, sesames, wheat flour, grains, wooden chips, limes, iron oxide powder.
■ Detect bubbles
■ Almost all liquids
Ordinary water, pure water, drain water, oil, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, paint, conductive slurry ,insulated slurry, wet concrete, tar, vanish, adhesive agents, chocolate, cream, etc.
■ Detect the interface between water and oil
■ Detect the liquid level while ignoring foam
■ High conductive and adhesive materials
Sludge, sewage, seawater, soy sauce, miso, honey, caustic soda, carbon, iron powder, cokes grains, etc.

* The items in the table above were extracted from our delivery results. Actual measurement results may be different depending on the conditions.
* If you do not specify a mode when you order our standard amplifier model, we will ship it with an N mode amplifier.

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Unit configuration

Both integral and separate amplifier types are available.

Amplifier integral type Amplifier separate type
Amplifier integral type

The amplifier is stored in a compact water-proof case. The solid water-proof (IP68) housing provides high reliability in any field.

Amplifier separate type

Amplifier separate type. Suitable for installing the sensor in a limited space or if exposed to vibration.

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Electrode type

Select the best matched electrode from our line up.

Liquid icon Mainly for liquids Heat resistant to 180?C icon Can be used at high temperatures (up to 180 degrees) with the standard model or with an optional model.
Powder icon Mainly for powder Heat resistant to 180?C icon Can be used at high temperatures (up to 150 degrees) with the standard model or with an optional model.
A1 Standard electrode
A1 standard electrode
  • For liquid
  • For powder
  • 180?

• Standard electrode rod with L1=250mm
• Can be used regardless of whether powder or liquid is being detected

A2 electrode
A2 electrode
  • For liquid
  • For powder
  • 180?

• Has different length from A1
• You can specify the length for you conditions

A1/A2 electrode, flange type
A1/A2 flange type
  • For liquid
  • For powder
  • 180?

• Can be designed with various connector types including JIS, ANSI, or ferrule.

A1/A2 electrode, tube type
A1/A2 tube type
  • For liquid
  • 180?

• As the liquid contact area is covered by FEP, the sensor can be used to detect corrosive materials.

C electrode, wire type
C wire type
  • For liquid
  • For powder
  • 180?

• Long length, flexible wire type
• The length can be specified, up to 10m according to your conditions.

D electrode, load bearing type
D load bearing type
  • For liquid
  • For powder
  • 180?

• Solid load bearing type
• Use to detect the lower limit in a silo

B electrode, adjustable type
B adjastable type
  • For liquid
  • For powder
  • 180?

• A sliding screw is used to set the insert length of the electrode

E electrode, pipe line type
E pipe line type
  • For liquid
  • 180?

• Pipe line type electrode
• To detect liquid in plumbing

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Explosion proof type

Exposition proof equipment that can be used in explosion hazard locations. Our products satisfied new technical stands that conform to the international standard IEC, while they are maintaining their high performance and high function under the original concept.

Intrinsically safe, explosion-proof Exia II CT6
Obtained China’s explosion-proof certification of approval (contact us as for the Korean explosion-proof approval information)

The device consists of a sensor (electrode and amplifier) and isolator.
Install the sensor section (electrode and amplifier) in the hazardous location. Install the isolator in a non-hazardous location.

Relay isolator

Input power source 20 to 250 VAC/DC
Protection level Equivalent to IP20
Power consumption 1.5 VA
Ambient operating temperature -10 to +60 degrees
Relay output 250VAC, 3A, 30VDC, 3A


Connection R3/4 and various flanges
(can be altered on request)
Material of the grounding and detecting electrodes SUS304 (can be altered on request)
Material of the insulating parts Polyacetal, PTFE (can be altered on request)
Maximum operating detection sensitivity 0.5pF
Allowable detector temperature -10 to 80 degrees (180 degrees)
Allowable detector pressure 2.0MPa

* A high temperature type is also available on request.


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