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Capacitance level switches

This level switch is proprietary to sanitary process, and it provides high safety and reliability (conforms to CIP and SIP)

This level switch is designed for the level of hygiene required in the production processes of foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
It is easily washed clean and resistant to chemical agents. It can be used in a variety of fields.

  • For liquid

The sensor is completely covered by a PFA tube that is integral to a ferrule gasket so that there is no connecting area of multiple parts. Grooves for joints can get clogged with foreign substances. This sensor solves these problems.


Features, keys

  1. Can be used for SIP and CIP washing
    It withstands 150 degrees, pressure up to 0.5MPa, and can be used for SIP and CIP washing.
  2. Sanitary feature
    If there are connecting areas, liquid may penetrate and remain there. Further, gloves for joint may occur clog of foreign substance. These may cause sanitary pollution and bad odors. This probe solves these problems.
  3. Chemical resistance and material conforming with the food hygiene law
    All the liquid-contact parts are coated with PFA (fluorine resin) in order to stand up to acids and alkalis. Material that complies with the food hygiene law is used for the liquid-contact parts (PFA).
  4. Durability
    Reliable waterproof casing (IP68) that can be used in various working environments.
  1. Free-range power supply system is employed
    The switches can be used in any location in the world and can handle power from 20 to 250 volts, AC or DC.
  2. Obtained the CE marking
    When the power supply is 24VDC used in the integrated sensor has obtained the CE marking.

The sensor does not have mechanical seals.


Usages, use examples

Ideal for food and pharmaceutical processes (It can also be used for other many purposes)

  • For detecting upper and lower level limits in tanks
  • The sensor can detects almost all liquids including both conductive and insulating materials.
    Ex.: Detecting levels of pure water, hot water, cold water, drinking water, juice, dairy products, edible oils, margarine, mayonnaise, chocolate, alcohol, washing agents, foams, interfaces between oil and water, etc.

Standard specifications


Input power source 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Protection level IP68
Maximum operating detection sensitivity 0.5pF
Allowable amplifier temperature -25 to +60 degrees (no condensation)
Contact point output Relay contact point: 250VAC, 30VDC, 3A


Connection IDF/ISO 1S•1.5S ferrule
Material of the grounding and detecting electrodes Sheath PFA
Internal electrode SUS316L
Internal insulators PTFE
Allowable detector temperature -10 to +150 degrees
Allowable detector pressure 0.5MPa

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