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Capacitance level switches

YAL/YAE series
YAL/YAE series
New products that have revolutionized the concept of conventional capacitance level switches

Ideal for detecting liquids, slurries, corrosive liquids, powder, and granulated materials. Capacitance level switches that can be used in harsh environments.
* The intrinsically safe and explosion-proof types obtained ExiaⅡCT6. It also complies with China explosion proof (NEPSI).
*YAL series (when the power supply is 24VDC used in the integrated sensor) has obtained the CE marking.

  • For liquid
  • For powder

It can also detect interfaces and foam, in addition to liquid levels.
Various models are offered, including super high temperature types, compact and flat types, and pipe line types. Click here to see their features.


Features, keys

  1. High sensitivity, high performance, and compact
    Employment of the latest technology allows the products to provide high function and compactness. A variety of functions are included for detecting liquids, powder, and granulated materials in production fields.
  2. Provides stable detection even in harsh environments
    Can be used in harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures and high pressures, vacuum, vibration, and static electricity. Detect (integrated the sensor and in the case of 24VDC using),accurately in spite of strong adhesion and material attachment.
  3. lower power consumption eco-design
    The power needed to drive the sensor has been decreased and it contributes to decreased costs and an improved ecology. This ecology design reduces costs 50% when compared with conventional models.
  4. Various functions and free-range power supply are provided (DC power supply is also available)
    Equipped with various functions including free-range power supply (20 to 250VAC/DC), a delay function, and a fail-safe function.
  5. Obtained the CE marking
    YAL series (when the power supply is 24VDC used in the integrated sensor) has obtained the CE marking.
YAL adhesion

Can detect levels regardless of adhesion and attachment of viscous liquid on electrodes.



PDThe video shows for adhesion.

QDThe video shows that detecting powder and granules.


Usages, use examples

Can detect almost all materials including liquids, powders, and granulated materials.

  • Detects powders and granulated materials (resin powder, resin pellets, cement, foundry sand, wheat flour, iron oxide powder)
  • Detects liquids (water, oil, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, paint, slurry, adhesive agents, chocolate, etc.)
  • Detects viscous, high conductive, and adhesive substances (sludge, excrement, seawater, soy sauce, caustic soda, carbon, etc.)
  • Detects foam, detects liquid level not counting foam
  • Detects the interface between oil and water
  • For areas that require an explosion proof device (explosion proof certification obtained in Japan, and China. Contact us as for the Korean explosion-proof approval information)

Standard specifications


Input power source 20 to 250 V AC/DC
Protection level IP68 (integral amplifier type)
Maximum operating detection sensitivity 0.5pF
Allowable amplifier temperature -25 to +60 degrees
Contact point output Relay contact point: 250V AC, 30V DC, 3A


Connection R3/4 and various flanges
(can be altered on request)
Material of the grounding and detecting electrodes SUS304 (can be altered on request)
Material of the insulating parts Polyacetal, PTFE (can be altered on request)
Allowable detector temperature -10 to +80 degrees (180 degrees)
Allowable detector pressure 2.0MPa

* A high temperature type is also available on request.
* Click here to see the intrinsically safe and explosion-proof items (ExiaUCT6).

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